Japanese restaurant in Łódź


Japanese restaurant KURONEKO – here you can find the real taste of Japanese cuisine. We offer some of the most famous Japanese meals, which are prepared according to the traditional Japanese recipes, made of the best quality products, and cooked under extremely strict supervision of Mrs. Shoko.

The main idea of the restaurant is to show to the European customers that the Japanese cuisine does not mean sushi only, which in fact can be prepared on thousands of ways. So you can start with namaharumaki, the traditional starter with the pieces of pork or shrimps wrapped with lettuce and rice paper. Here you can try the worldwide known misoshiru, prepared from the fermented soya beans. Then, you will be caught by the amazing taste of gyoza – the Japanese dumplings or excellent taste of grilled eel. The green tea ice cream would be the perfect finale.

about Kuroneko

The Japanese restaurant Kuroneko was established for those people who already know and love Japanese cuisine as well as for those who have never had a chance to try this kind of meals. Visiting our restaurant, some customers who already have been to Japan get a chance to recall some tastes, for others it would be a good chance to experience real Japanese taste and for example learn how to use the chopsticks.

According to our experience, for most of European people the Japanese cuisine immediately connects with sushi, raw fish or wasabi. We try to change this way of thinking to show our customers that the Japanese cuisine is not the sushi only.

The strong point of our restaurant is the chef – the Japanese woman, who is the guarantee of the original taste of served meals. The confirmation of the good quality of the meals are Japanese customers frequently popping the restaurant in. For many of the Japanese customers, especially for those who live long time in Poland, it is only chance to try real Japanese cuisine.

Welcome to try our original Japanese cuisine and visit our web and Facebook fanpage. Click HERE for the menu in English.

Opening hours: everyday from 12 AM to 10 PM.

We also offer: We organize meetings, family events and business parties for the groups not exceeded 30 persons.

We accept cash and credit cards as well.